Looking for Car Gas Struts?

Below is a list of the Car Brands we service with OEM Gas Struts.

Gas springs and hydraulic dampers have become a staple in automotive design. These indispensable elements can be found in the vehicle wherever a defined motion sequence or damping of movement is required.We specialise in Struts in automotive for your car's boot or bonnets for all car makes and models. As the leading OEM Gas Strut Specialist we hold a  full range of high quality Gas Struts for Bonnets, Boots, Tailgates and more.

To view our list of the Gas Springs for that car Brand/ Model Click on the car logo.


Autobianchi - Gas Struts for Autobianchi
Bentley - Gas Struts for Bentley Motors
BMW - Gas Struts for BMW Motors
Bugatti - Gas Struts for Bugatti Motors


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