Gas struts for Chairs

Swivel Chair Gas Strut

STAB-O-MAT is a locking gas strut that is designed for agreeable adjustment of chair height. These seats can be ; stools, office swivel chairs, and general task chairs including executive chairs.

General Function of the Stab-o-mat gas strut

Swivel chairs with STAB-O-MAT gas springsmake working comfortable. Pleasantly dampened, they feature variable height adjustment and gently absorb the weight of the occupant.

The patented double cylinder system, consisting of a pressure tube and a guide tube makes for comfortable seating and work. The self-supporting pressure tube is designed to allow bending moments, for example if the load on the seat is not centered.

A variant of the STAB-O-MAT gas spring for swivel chairs are STAB-O-BLOC gas springs with non-self-supporting pressure tube. The difference between the two is that an outer support tube absorbs the bending moments. The gas pressure spring provides spring force and damping for the seat and is used to adjust the height.

Properties and Advantages of Swivel Chair Gas Springs from STABILUS:

  • Swiveling and non-swiveling options
  • Complete columns or individual gas springs for swivel chairs
  • Complete columns with different outer tube versions
  • Different depth spring action systems for more better seating
  • Adjustable tappet projection
  • Varied actuation systems
  • Available in different lengths and with strokes of 50 to 300 mm
Extended Length: 324
Stroke Length: 90
Newton Force : 400
Lead Time:
Within 3 Days


Extended Length: 415
Stroke Length: 135
Newton Force : 300
Lead Time:
Within 3 Days


Extended Length: 564
Stroke Length: 200
Newton Force : 300
Lead Time:
Within 3 Days


Extended Length: 696
Stroke Length: 265
Newton Force : 300
Lead Time:
Within 3 Days