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How to find Gas Strut Part Number

Locating the Stabilus strut Part Number for Replacement

Gas struts come in all different sizes and are extremely common, this can make it difficult to find the right one unless you know where and what to look for.
Stabilus Gas struts have the product code and Newton Force printed on the Body. These markings can guide you in finding the correct part for replacement.

On the body of the Stabilus gas strut you will find the part number (product code) usually a 6 Character code and can be followed with a series of other digits
which denote the Force (N), the manufacturing batch and may also denote the End fitting type in some cases.  

For example, in the image below we find: 083836 300N  118/20

  • In this example, 083836 is the part number and that is what one should search for in the search field.  
  • 300N is the extension force but don't enter that in the search field: just the SIX DIGIT part number
  • 118/20 is the day and year of manufacture. Again, don't enter that in the search field. 

 View the area marked in BLUE on the image below to find the Stabilus Part Number.

By identifying this Stabilus Part number it will be a lot easier to search for the Gas Strut you are looking for.

Find Gas Strut part number



Want to Replace your car’s bonnet strut, boot strut or tailgate struts?

To Replace your Car's strut you will need the Make, Model, Year and Position of Your Gas Strut
Search/ Filter for the car MakeModel and Year of Construction in our Automotive Gas Strut Section  then select the position of the Strut you want to replace (Hood/ Bonnet, Boot/Hatch/Tailgate or Other ).
If the part you are looking for is valid the Part Number will be displayed under the Position Column (Hood/ Bonnet, Boot/Hatch/Tailgate or Other ). Click on the Gas Strut Part Number and that will take you to the
page of the Gas strut you need.
The image below highlights (in red) the Filter fields for the Make (Car Brand), Car Model as well as the Result columns (Year of construction) including the position of the gas strut.
car gas strut

Strut Length, Strut Stroke, Extended, Compressed?

Other measurements that would be handy to be aware of are the gas strut length and strokes. The image below simplifies the identification of these measurements.
Gas strut Length display

If you still need more help you can contact us here and one of our team members will help you find the right Gas strut