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How to correctly Install LIFT-O-MAT Gas Strut

Correct installation of LIFT-O-MAT gas struts for overhead cupboards.

Overhead cupboard door not staying fully up?
Stabilus has a range of replacement of gas struts designed for an overhead cupboard application. Yours may well be a Stabilus Lift-O-Mat product, They are are available in forces from 50N to 200N to suit different size overhead cupboard doors.

Note there are 2 main types of overhead cupboard Stabilus Lift-O-Mat gas struts.:
Those with a ball socket at both ends and, those with a ball socket on the rod and an EYELET on the tube, as pictured here.

For the eyelet type, it's as well to replace the locating pin at the same time, as the plastic is often 'fatigued' in the process of removing it and it may not quite 'snap' back in to place. The part number of the pin is 5641QO

All the Stabilus overhead cupboard gas springs are 247 mm fully extended, measured between mounting centres (not tip to tip)
The 6 digit Stabilus part number for the gas strut will be different for every different force and is printed on the pressure tube.
for example: 1049RR - 1049RR is the part number. You can type that 6 digit Stabilus part number directly in to the webstore

gas strut cupboard installationCorrect installation (refer to the diagram) means the LIFT-O-MAT gas strut will open the cupboard door smoothly and gently slow as it fully opens. It also extends the practical life of the LIFT-O-MAT as the rod and seal is lubricated as designed.
Check the diagram; It's not too late to switch your around if they are wrong!
Replacement LIFT-O-MAT gas struts are available from Stabilus here in Australia. Kits that include the mounting brackets are also available for new installations.

Download the brochure from our webstore "RESOURCES" section, or click this link