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Frequently Asked Question | Gas Struts

Q. What is a Gas Strut?

A.Gas struts are also known as gas springs or gas stays, provide support for lifting, positioning, lowering and counterbalancing weights in a safe manner. Stabilus gas struts work by forcing, under pressure, gas into a cylinder

Q. Do you sell Gas struts as Pairs or individually?

A.Our web store struts are sold individually and all prices are per gas strut.
If you want a pair; make sure you add 2 to your shopping cart

Q. Do you ship everywhere in Australia?

A.Yes, we ship  Australia wide including All Capital and Regional areas in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, ACT and Tasmania

Q. What Payment methods do you accept?

A.We accept credit card payments and Paypal payments through the Paypal payments portal

Q. How Much Shipping do you charge?

A. Shipping rates vary depending on quantity. Our Flat Rate shipping costs are:
1-4 Items $22.00
5-10 Items $27.50
11-20 Items $33.00
21+ Items $33.00

Q. Can I Pick up my Gas Strut Order?

A. Yes, but currently you can only pick up your orders from our Manufacturing plant in Dingley Village in Melbourne’s South East :
65 Redwood Drive Dingley Village VIC 3172

Tel: (03) 9552 1400

Due to Restrictions it is best you call to arrange a contactless pickup time

Q. How do you locate a Stabilus Gas Strut Part Number?

A.Stabilus Gas struts have the product code and possibly also a Newton Force printed on the Body. These markings can guide you in finding the correct part for replacement.
On the body of the Stabilus gas strut, you will find the part number (product code) usually a 6 Character code and can be followed with a series of other digits which mark the Force (N), and batch code

Q. Why do gas struts fail?

A. Over time gas struts may lose pressure through wear and tear. The loss of pressure inside the strut will cause loss of strength and struts ability to hold things up or open.

Q. What is the proper way to install a Gas Strut?

A. If possible, install stabilus gas struts so that the piston rod points down in the inactive state - unless they were designed for non-orientation specific installation. This will ensure optimum lubrication of the guide and sealing system at all times.
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Q. How do you measure a Gas Strut?

A. Gas strut measurements that would be handy to be aware of are the gas strut Extended length (measured extended from centre to centre of end fittings) , and stroke length.

Q. What is a gas strut for a car?

A. Car struts are generally used to open and close car boots and bonnets. They are also used on tailgates or dropgates on utes and commercial vehicles to facilitate the lifting and lowering of back gates and doors.

Q. Do you sell Gas struts for Cars?

A. Yes, we are the Original Equipment Manufacturer for most almost all car brands including: Holden, Ford, Mazda,Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, VW, Audi, and for luxury car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus.

Q. How do I extend the lifespan of my Stabilus Gas Strut?

A. For a long service life, your Stabilus gas springs must not jam or be subjected to bending or lateral forces. We offer suitable end fittings, such as angle joints. They will ensure non-jamming alignment.

Q. What temperatures can Stabilus Struts handle?

A. Stabilus gas springs are designed by default for a temperature range of -30 degrees C to +80 degrees C.Of course, there are also gas springs for more extreme applications.

Q. Do Stabilus Struts need Maintenance?

A. Stabilus Gas Struts and Gas Springs  are maintenance-free! They do not require greasing or Lubrication. They are designed for their corresponding applications and should work flawlessly for many years.

Q.What is the best way to transport and Store Gas Struts?

A. Store gas springs with the piston rod pointing down. Actuate the gas spring after 6 months of storage. Avoid damage: Do not transport gas springs as bulk material. Do not wrap in cling film or adhesive tape.

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