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Frequently Asked Questions |

Q. Do you sell Gas struts as Pairs or individually?

A.Our struts are sold individually and all prices are per gas strut.
If you need a pair; make sure you add 2 to your shopping cart

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. No, we ship  Australia wide only 

Q. What Payment methods do you accept?

A.We accept credit card payments through the Paypal payments portal

Q. Can I Collect my Order?

A. Yes, just choose  Click & Collect when you get to shipping method.  You will receive an email with collection details once your order is ready.

Q. Why do gas struts stop working?

A. Over time gas struts may lose pressure through wear and tear. The loss of pressure inside the strut will cause loss of strength and struts ability to hold things up or open.

Q. What is the correct way to install a Gas Strut?

A. If possible, install stabilus gas struts so that the piston rod points down in the inactive state - unless they were designed for non-orientation specific installation. This will ensure optimum lubrication of the guide and sealing system at all times.
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Q. How do you measure a Gas Strut?

A. Gas strut measurements that would be handy to be aware of are the gas strut Extended length (measured extended from centre to centre of end fittings) , and stroke length.

Q. Do you sell Gas struts for Cars?

A. Yes, we have an extensive range of aftermarket parts available to replace most models of cars.

Q. How do I extend the lifespan of my Stabilus Gas Strut?

A. For a long service life, your Stabilus gas springs must not jam or be subjected to bending or lateral forces. We offer suitable end fittings, such as angle joints. They will ensure non-jamming alignment.

Q. What can cause damage or reduce the life of a Stabilus Gas Strut?

A. Do not apply lubrication to the rod or in the seal area: this may even harm the seal, which will reduce its life. If they become covered in dust or dirt, gently wipe them down with a damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning chemicals.  Do not subject them to high pressure water jets. Do not scrub with abrasive material.  Stabilus Gas Struts and Gas Springs  are maintenance-free! Lubrication is internal. They are designed for their corresponding applications and should work flawlessly for many years. 


Do you have any other questions about our Gas Struts?

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