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What are gas struts?

What is a gas strut?

Gas Struts and End Fittings
Lift o Mat Gas Struts and End fittings

Gas struts are also known as gas springs or gas stays, provide support for lifting, positioning, lowering and counterbalancing weights in a safe manner.
Stabilus gas struts work by forcing, under pressure, gas into a cylinder.

Also note that the name gas strut can be applied to a group of different products.  If you are looking for a "gas strut," you may be trying to find a gas spring or damper. Both of these may be filled with gas. Stabilus Australia has a huge range of gas springs and dampers which cater for many residential, automotive, marine and industrial applications. 
One of the early adopters of the technology of gas springs was the automotive industry They are commonly fitted to bonnets, boot lids, liftgates and tailgates. At Stabilus we have a comprehensive range of automotive gas struts and springs.
You will find these struts in a wide array of car brands. Because  most gas springs need to be adapted for each vehicle model, our struts are  developed and engineered to the standards-compliant specification procedures required.


What is the Life span of a Gas Strut? 

Gas struts differ in life span but in general, loss of efficiency can start to occur after about five years of use but when taking into consideration the usage and application of these gas springs, they may last much longer.
Like all mechanical parts, time has a degenerative effect. Most failures of gas struts relate to loss of gas pressure over time which would prevent them from fully supporting the load they were designed to uphold.
There are several other factors that affect the lifespan of gas struts; changes in temperature as well as other physical environmental influences can affect seal aging and wear, speeding up the process of force loss.
Like any high pressure storage device, there are certain things that should be kept in mind for safety. Inappropriate usage or handling can result in serious injury and care must always be taken to prevent injury.

Keep the following in mind when working with Gas struts

  • Never apply heat to gas struts. The tube containds gas under high pressure. 
  • Never dispose of gas struts in fires. This can cause them to explode
  • Protect struts against over-extension, side loading and excessive heat.
  • Never over extend a strut. Over extending can cause damage to the internal mechanism of the spring. 
  • Do not puncture or crush pressurised struts. Always ensure proper and safe disposal of the gas strut.

Stabilus Gas springs are maintenance-free! They do not require greasing or Iubrication.