Where do I fing the Stabilus strut Part Number for Replacement?

Gas springs come in an array of different sizes, Lengths, strength and are similar in appearance, this can make finding the correct replacement part quite daunting, but if you know where and what to look for this will be much easier.
The Image below demonstrates where you may find the Part Number for your  Stabilus Gas Spring.
On the body of the Stabilus gas strut you will find the part number (product code)  in the area marked in BLUE on the image below.

The part number will usually consist of 6 numbers, letters or a combination of both depending on the use, followed by the Newton Force.
In the demonstration image below the Part Number is 083836 and the Newton Force is 300
By identifying this Stabilus Part number it will be a lot easier to search for the Gas Strut you are looking for.

Find Gas Strut part number